I am here for you and you are here for me

THE STORYTELLER is a multi-tiered Indigenous cultural educational resource that aims to "provide knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people society and culture from a generic and Indigenous standpoint perspective through alternative active learning pathways”.

2024 Projects:

  • Three Magpies Perched in a Tree VCE Curriculum Unit 4 Theatre Studies 2024, La Mama Theatre 12th - 25th August 2024
  • Three Magpies Perched in a Tree - Monash University - September 2024
  • 5 Cultural Rings Ceremony on Country - Night of the Full Moon - 15th Nov, 2024
  • Development of Cert IV Train the Trainer (training for facilitators)
    Indigenous Learning Workshops, La Mama Theatre throughout 2024 - info@lamama.com.au

I'm Here for You, You're Here for Me

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The Storyteller
Glenn Shea

Glenn Shea is a former frontline Koori juvenile justice worker who specifically worked with Aboriginal adolescent young people who came into contact with the criminal justice system. Through education, health and justice Glenn has been able to develop a program which has been able to answer the query of identity, place and beloging for our disconnected community members.

Kinaway Indigenous Chamber of Commerce

THE STORYTELLER Australian Board Game Education Resource has been verified by Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Vic Ltd as a business operating in the State of Victoria that is at least 50% Aboriginal owned, managed or controlled.


The Storyteller pays its respects to the living ancestors, elders and their people on whose traditional custodial lands we stand and deliver learning.



Glenn's qualities are extraordinary as he has a warmth and genuine ability to connect with each participant. Glenn provided a depth and meaning that genuinely created an experience that was beyond my expectations. I left the day richer for knowing more about Aboriginal kinship and culture because of Glenn's expertise and his skill in knowing how to draw on each participants insights and experiences.

Victoria University

I have come away from the workshop with a better understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture, values, and people and that was what I had hoped the course would deliver. Glenn is incredibly humble; he gave an energy that allowed people to talk about things I feel people generally have a lot of trouble confronting. This was one of the best experiences I've had in a while. I'll be on the lookout for more Personal Development workshops on the strength of this one.

Victoria University

This workshop was awesome. All participants bonded and seemed to learn a lot about themselves and their place in the world. The free and open encouragement of discussion based around the board game. Creatively presenting our learnings from the workshop at the end of day was highly fulfilling experience. I think if anything wasn't covered it was because no one chose to cover it. The workshop was totally open like that; if anyone wanted to cover something all they would have to do would be to bring it up. Only that it be promoted more to staff at VU, everyone stands to gain from more people participating in this workshop

Victoria University

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