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Our Projects

An opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the community to become facilitators of their local Indigenous learning facilitation team.

Indigenous learning resource was developed to provide knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people, society, and culture from a generic and Indigenous standpoint perspective through active learning pathways.

Glenn has been using the educational resource to facilitate Cultural Awareness and Safety Training through THE STORYTELLER presentations and workshops for up to twenty years.

Following on from prior successors of Indigenous Learning workshops we aim to
expand this program by offering opportunities for accreditation both in Cultural
Awareness and Safety Training as well as offering Indigenous participants the
opportunity to build their personal and work-related skills to enable them to deliver training within their own communities.

Through bringing the potential cultural trainers together into an active learning
environment we aim to enable them to develop skills to deliver ongoing programs
with long-term outcomes for cultural awareness and Safety Training but also to
establish Indigenous Economic Development through employment, education, and training within their own communities.

The Research Project is about providing the Indigenous learning facilitation teams the opportunity to engage with and build relationships with community service providers and their local neighbourhood houses.

The Indigenous Learning facilitation team will engage and build relationships with their local university / Tafe to deliver the Australia qualification unit (1.4 & 2.4) to support the Master of Applied Teachers and Learning Support teachers who are required to engage in these units to achieve the qualifications required by their course.

The Storyteller game, created by Glenn Shea, has been under development for
nearly 20 years as an educational resource. In practical form, the game has been
utilised in over 200 different organisations since 2004 – including education,
community, justice, health - with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal

Since 2016 Deakin University has developed particular experience in the use of
the game, developing a five- to eight-week module for high achieving students
from under-represented schools in the Geelong/Bellarine region through their
Aspire program. This has been a resounding success in increasing awareness,
knowledge and understanding of Indigenous history and culture within the
student groups.

The game, and experiences around it, has also been successfully embedded in
the Master of Applied Learning and Teaching Unit ECN729 and ECN728.

Through the alignment of The Storyteller, pre service teachers and academics
are provided with an opportunity to explore and understand histories, cultures
and contexts facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This has been delivered by Glenn Shea at IKE / NIKERI in partnership with Deakin and uses an
approach that engages students using applied learning pedagogies.

Other relevant intensive use of The Storyteller experience at a tertiary level has
included six years of application at VUT in the Community Service area with
students at Cert IV/diploma level and in professional development of staff.

The Culture Curriculum Performing Art project is a 5 week program that connects teachers and students to the requirements of the national curriculum.

The School Project is about engaging and building relationships with the nominated primary and secondary schools and building the Indigenous Learning program within their environment and collating data.

This project aims to develop strategies and resources to support greater respect and reconciliation between both Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups and individuals through developing a cross curriculum approach that weaves Aboriginal perspectives throughout curriculum subjects.

The inclusion of Indigenous perspectives within school curriculum was brought to focus with the introduction of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Education Policy in 1989 (Price, 2004). In line with this policy, the Adelaide Declaration on National Goals for Schooling in the Twenty First Century (1999), and the current Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008) bring to the forefront the importance of developing an understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditional and contemporary cultures in all students.

The storyteller over the last six years has delivered many small-scale pilot projects on attitudes and knowledge about Aboriginal heritage and cultural identity in educational and health settings, it shows that children and adults still feel less confident and less resourced to explore Indigenous perspectives
within their community.

In this application the endeavour is to further this work in the first in-depth state / territory project on this topic by proposing to study, how X nominated teachers, working across diverse disciplinary areas, from X nominated schools varied across urban and rural Victorian Secondary schools identify, develop, plan and implement Indigenous perspectives in their school settings over a 36-
month period guided by four questions:

  1. What relationships exist between school children’s understandings of Indigenous identity and culture, and teachers’ pedagogical practices?
  2. How can these relationships and understandings be best theorised?
  3. What factors influence school children's understandings of Indigenous identity and culture over time?
  4. How can teachers engage in exploring alternate pedagogical practices across discipline areas that better informs all students about Indigenous identity and culture?

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This program includes:

60 minute consultation with Educator


60 minute consultation is $275.80.

3 Hour workshop with 8 participants is $2,206.40.

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