"The Storyteller" Board Game - Lyn McInnes (Elder)

The Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Board of Directors have been given a presentation and overview of Glenn Shea's board game "The Storyteller", which was invented and designed by himself.

The board of directors would like to state that they are deeply impressed with his Indigenous learning tool and see its potential in providing knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people, society and culture from a generic and Indigenous standpoint perspective.

This resource has come about through Glenn’s lived experience, not only as an Aboriginal man but through his role as a frontline koori juvenile justice worker within community. We have learnt that his learning tool can also connect all people’s to their local traditional custodians, this process enables the knowledge base to shift from a generic base to a local knowledge base.

This artifact also offers teachers within primary and secondary schools the opportunity to plan cultural classes with a resource that empowers the students with cultural safety and awareness. The resource empowers the participants to create study projects which supports their Indigenous cultural presentations as well as incorporating literacy and numeracy outcomes.

The board of directors have great respect and pleasure in supporting and endorsing this new Indigenous learning tool and strongly believe this initiative should not only be supported but it’s potential has a national focus through tourism, QANTAS, Australian embassy's and commercial ventures.

We the Board of Directors wish Glenn a great journey and may it bring peace, understanding and harmony to all Australians.

Yours Sincerely 

Lyn McInnes (Elder)
Board of Directors
Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative

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