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About me and you, and you and me. That conversation is about us learning together and how we utilise our space collectively.

Program Overview

Collaborating with THE STORYTELLER educator/ facilitators, Educators can be supported with:

  1. Co-designing the teaching and learning together creating a learning design for a a way forward;
  2. Implementation in your context;
  3. Feedback and follow up - Post implementation or during the process.

This 5 week teaching and learning program is connected to the Australian Curriculum.

It has been developed with teachers and students.

It can be through culture and curriculum performing arts and can be targeted and tailored for your specific needs.

The scaffolds and connections have already been tried and tested and proved effective, you just need to think about how they could by modified to best suit the learning needs of your students  in your learning community and language group.

Optional programs & workshops available:

  • 60 minute consultation is $220.80.
  • Workshop via Zoom or face to face - time & fee is negotiable.
  • School workshops with teachers / students - time & fee is negotiable.

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